Brian Dullea   Engineer/estimator at Kiewit - Mass Electric Construction Co.

"Working with Jon has been a pleasure during the entire life cycle of our custom iPad application/project. Jon helped organize my complex application requirements into a simple, easy to use application and also made sure we were in compliance with iOS' Human interface guidelines, and best practices. Jon was also able to use his skills with UI design to take our ideas to the next level while doing it on a tight timeline. Jon always delivered as promised and always had us "the client" in mind. I would highly recommend Jon for any projects we do going forward."

July 11, 2014, Brian was Jon's client

Greg Schutta  Group Account Director at Intouch Solutions

I had the pleasure of working with Jon on a new business effort that called for development of a web application prototype. The prototype would be an integral part of the selling process so it was critical the product be best-in-class throughout. 

Jon's UX/UI and best-practice knowledge in web design elevated the quality of our site to a whole new level. The internal team took away valuable knowledge from the process and the end product was phenomenal. Moreover, Jon had to design and build the prototype using a development tool he'd not used before. He mastered the tool and the execution without asking us to make compromises. 

Jon was a great pleasure to work with, demonstrated excellent communication and project management skills and always delivered on time. 

I'd recommend Jon to any organization looking for a varsity team player with an ambidextrous skill set.

October 31, 2012, Greg was Jon's client

Aaron Cavano  Product Manager at Ballers Bridge

Every company needs a "Jon Dodge"! 

After working with Jon on several projects the one consistent pattern is that he literally can change the landscape of a business through his design and branding. What separates Jon as an expert in the User Experience and User Interface design field is his drive to understand the business, marketing, ROI and all other facets that ultimately lead to success. 

If I could work with Jon Dodge on every project I would, he always delivers and on time!

November 1, 2012, Aaron worked directly with Jon at Voxole

Laura Chadwick  Freelance Art Director/Graphic Designer

Jon's technical prowess seems limitless. He is an ambitious self-starter. Jon has a likable and generous personality. He would be a very welcome addition in any position that he pursues.

October 8, 2009, Laura worked directly with Jon at Advanstar Communications

Julie Miller  Editor in Chief at Vendome Group

Because of Jon's excellent entrepreneurial skills, he has proven to be a superior idea-oriented employee. He offers creative solutions and has a solid grasp of his role in a larger organization. Any manager looking for a team player who can create practical, innovative solutions should consider adding Jon Dodge to the team.

September 22, 2009, Julie worked with Jon at Advanstar Communications

Michael Schwabe  Director of Digital Strategy

I have known Jon not only professionally, but personally for more than 8 years. He is a strong creative mind that brings a lot to every situation. Whether it be through design and branding, or brainstorming and strategy, Jon has never let me down. 

I would recommend Jon for a position in a related field at a moment's notice.

October 21, 2009, Michael was with another company when working with Jon at Advanstar Communications

Kathryn Miller  Media Supervisor

Jon Dodge is a pleasure to work with. He is extremely creative, hardworking, and focused. Jon is very collaborative and works extremely well in a team setting, but it also very driven when working independently.

September 23, 2009, Kathryn worked with Jon at Advanstar Communications

Margaret Mulligan  Clinical Analyst II EHR, at University Hospitals of Cleveland

Jon is a creative, dynamic art director. We did not work in the same group; however, I would occasionally ask for his thoughts on projects. I also admired his work on our other properties. His expertise in art and technical skill with computers were of great help on bigger-picture, technical issues. He has the ability to see the creative and the technical side of a project...

September 22, 2009, Margaret worked with Jon at Advanstar Communications

Joshua Zaccarine  Owner, Axis2Design, INC.

“I was fortunate to meet John while attending the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. He is an innovative artist filled with ambition. His drive is exceptionally stimulating. John is a dependable professional who can be relied upon to deliver quality results for each and every project.”

September 23, 2009, Joshua was with another company when working with Jon at Advanstar Communications

Brendan Firem  Multimedia Designer at Impact Communications

Always brimming with ideas and a new perspective, Jon brings enthusiasm and a good critical eye to all his work. Besides working well in a design capacity, Jon also has a masterful mouse for digital illustration. Jon Dodge is a good designer and more importantly, a great all-around person.

March 8, 2008, Brendan managed Jon indirectly at Malone Advertising (JWT)